It's been a while!

Yesterday I took a look at my website and realised just how neglected it had become. Something I used to pride myself was creating weekly content about my goings on or learning. It didn't have to come from just the development side of my work but all areas and even things I definitely can't consider myself an expert in any shape or form.

So I thought I would kick things off with a little site update as it's been stagnant and was in need of a few things fixed and addressed. For instance, I realised only just that my blog didn't have next buttons to see old articles! How did I not notice that before now!

I'm also going to expand this site out to show not just my development work but also my photography and design content. These are things I pride myself on, and I am hoping to take on more freelance work in both of those areas.

So consider this one big boot up my backside to get back to creating content, particularly as I have always enjoyed the outlet it provides for me.