I don't care if you use React or Angular

TL;DR The technology that you use as a developer doesn't make any difference to the end user of the application you are building. Start focusing on users and experience first.

Isn't it about time we get real about development and frameworks that have flooded the market. I have named React and Angular in the title, but this relates to every new technology that is emerging in web applications.

It does not matter what framework you are using!

Personally, I have no real preference; I can happily build you a large scaling application in Angular, React, whatever you wish. They all have their advantages, and they all have faults (even if we like to think they don't), and it's about time we stopped bickering about the trivial details and started looking at the much larger picture. Users.

Users are the people who are using the products we are building, they don't care what technology we are using. They want something that works and fulfils their needs. What we have to focus on as developers, engineers and thought leaders is creating truly engaging and useful experiences for them.

Stop worrying so much about whether a ng-repeat/ng-for is less performant than reacts way of repeating elements. Start worrying about what in a users experience is essential. What can we do to make them not need a huge list of options to choose from in the first place, negating the need to talk about the individual performance of one framework over the next.

These details are things that we should all be looking at, not just our UX team. We are all responsible for making the best applications we can. Speak up; your voice should be heard; only you have the control of that. Whether people listen is a different matter, but that is something you can also change. Providing well-backed arguments can usually solve those problems.

Once you have done the hard work and deliver an experience that is well thought out and what the users want and needs then, of course, you can start talking about performance and making performant decisions. Just remember, every framework you use will be more or less performant in different areas. You can make apps easily comparable in performance, irrelevant of the software used. A framework is purely a consensus decision when you get to this point in development. What do you as a team feel is the best way for you to work and code as you move forward.

At the end of the day, we are creating experiences for people. That is what we should be focusing on. I may get a lot of hate from this, but as a developer who has used a lot of the popular frameworks. I honestly am slightly ashamed of my community at how we bicker over the slightest details of frameworks. I've been guilty myself in the past, but I vote here that we make 2017 a year we start to focus on the real picture of what we are creating and stop the petty discussions over what we are using to create that.